In a global tipping point, 52% of car buyers now want to purchase an EV – here’s why
Michelle Lewis
- May. 27th 2022

電動汽車達到了一個全球臨界點,現在超過52% 的購車者有計劃購買電動汽車——這是什么導致的
2022 年 5 月 27 日

The number of consumers looking to buy electric vehicles has hit 52%, according to the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index (MCI). This is the first time the number has exceeded 50%, and it represents a rise of 22 percentage points in just two years.

根據最新的安永移動消費者指數調查(MCI),希望購買電動汽車的消費者數量已達到 52%。這是該數字首次超過50%,在短短兩年內上升了22個百分點。

EV buyers are on the rise

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The MCI survey has tracked consumer mobility patterns and buying intentions since the start of the pandemic in 2020. EY writes:
While overall levels of travel reported remain lower when compared to the pre-pandemic benchmark, the number of consumers who say constant access to a personal car is very important to them is rising, and for the first time more than half of those surveyed, 52%, who intend to buy a car say they intend to choose either a fully electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicle.

自 2020 年大流行開始以來,MCI 調查一直在追蹤消費者的流動模式和購買意愿。安永寫道:
雖然與大流行前的基準相比,報告的總體(駕車)旅行水平仍然較低,但表示經常使用私家車對他們來說非常重要的消費者數量正在上升,并且首次有超過一半打算購買汽車的的受訪者,確切地說是52 %,表示他們打算選擇全電動、插電式混合動力或是混合動力的汽車。

In a survey of 13,000 people in 18 countries, car buyers in Italy (73%), China (69%), and South Korea (63%) are the most committed to buying an EV. Consumers in Australia (38%) and the US (29%) are the least committed.
Environmental concerns are cited as the main reason for respondents to buy an EV (38%), and rising penalties on gas vehicles appeared for the first time as a key concern (34%). The Russian invasion of Ukraine and supply chain disruption is impacting the latter concern.
The survey also shows that 88% of consumers are willing to pay more for an EV, and 35% are willing to pay a premium of 20% or more, in keeping with the MCI 2021 survey’s findings.

在對 18 個國家的 13,000 人進行的一項調查中,意大利 (73%)、中國 (69%) 和韓國 (63%) 的購車者最愿意購買電動汽車。澳大利亞 (38%) 和美國 (29%) 的消費者比例最低。
調查還顯示,與 MCI 2021 調查的結果一致,88% 的消費者愿意為電動汽車支付更多費用,其中35% 的消費者愿意支付 20% 或更高的溢價。

Range anxiety is dropping


The MCI survey also shows that EV owners are less worried about range anxiety or EV chargers. The top motivator for second-time EV buyers is that “EVs now have longer ranges,” and just 27% of EV owners were concerned about charging infrastructure, compared to 36% of those currently without an EV.
Randy Miller, EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Leader says:The old issues of worrying about charging infrastructure and the range of EVs will soon come to an end. We know that the vast majority of journeys are relatively short, and as charging infrastructure continues to grow and battery quality continues to increase, we will start to see these concerns fade. It is also clear that those who own EVs know this already.

MCI 調查還顯示,電動汽車車主現在不太擔心里程或電動汽車充電裝置了。第二次購買電動汽車的最大動力是“電動汽車現在有更長的續航里程”,只有 27% 的電動汽車車主擔心充電基礎設施,而目前還沒有電動汽車的車主中這一比例為 36%。