Published June 11, 2022 11:32pm EDT
Louisville: 5 teens shot near Big Four Bridge hours after anti-gun violence rally

路易斯維爾(美國肯塔基州城市):在反槍支暴力集會的數小時后,5名青少年在四大橋(Big Four Bridge)附近被槍擊。

Dozens of March for Our Lives protesters gathered on the steps of the state capitol building earlier in the day


By Lawrence Richard | Fox News
Authorities responded to a shooting incident in Louisville, Kentucky that left five victims with gunshot injuries Saturday evening, including one who is in "critical condition," according to multiple reports.


All the victims were juveniles, Louisville Metro police said.


LMPD Maj. Brian Kuriger said police were called to a park near the Big Four Bridge around 9:05 p.m. when they found three juveniles with gunshot injuries.


One teenager was in "critical condition" when they were transported to the University of Louisville Hospital, police said. Two other victims drove themselves to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Kuriger added.


"We know the park was filled with a lot of people," Kruiger told a group of reporters near the park. "Parents, please, on the weekends, we enjoy the fact that juveniles are coming down here and enjoying the park. But they need to be supervised. We need to have supervision."


"This is family area, we want it to stay a family area. But at this time, we are seeing a lot of juveniles that are being unsupervised and all kinds of things are occurring," he added. "If a parent was here, it could possibly deter that."


LMPD also said it would be increasing its police presence at the park.

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It was initially reported that one of the victims was found deceased when police arrived on the scene but LMPD later made a correction to say none of the victims had died.


Police are continuing to investigate the incident and no arrests were announced.


The shooting incident occurred on the same day as March for Our Lives protests took place in downtown Louisville and across the country to protest gun violence.