Well, looking back through history, the appearances between the Koreans and the Japanese were completely different from the start.


The picture above is the ambassadors meeting the Chinese emperor. The Japanese is the farthest to the right in the photo, next to him is from Goguryeo, next is the Persian ambassador, and the one on the most left is the Shilla ambassador.


Comparing to the rest of the people, the Japanese ambassador looks very undersized and bewhiskered. Until Japan interacted with various countries such as China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and India, the Japanese looked very much like this. Currently, Japan is compromised of 90% of mixed Japanese. Koreans judge the Japanese to be very unattractive if they are completely full- Japanese and that the ones who are celebrities are all of mixed ancestors. The Japanese believe that all the Koreans are attractive only through their use of plastic surgery. This can be seen through their constant remarks shown during their TV shows, where they would invite Korean celebrities and ask them if they did plastic surgery. If they would answer no, they would tell them that they were surprised to hear that, since Koreans do a lot of plastic surgery. As this is not incorrect, it is unnoticed that the Japanese themselves have the same plastic surgery rate as the Koreans. The simple difference is that the Koreans reveal the fact that they do, and the Japanese do not. There are people who are attractive in all countries, and it could be possible that they believe that they look better in physical features than other people in different countries. Korea is not an exception. Neither is Japan nor China.