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In 2016, NASA used the Suomi NPP weather satellite to create a high resolution image of the earth at night. It can help us better understand the current developments and conflicts underway.
The amount of light pollution is most severe in heavily populated areas, as well as in regions of high prosperity.
In Europe, the Benelux region and the densely populated Po-Valley are so bright, that the individual towns blend into one big sea of light.
Especially in the Arab world, the extraction of oil creates bright lights from the flaring of gas.
And in Africa, you can trace the path of the Nile River, which, as the lifeline of egypt, attracts civilization and is filled with commercial boats.
This image points to the global challenges posed by the steadily increasing world population. And while man-made borders can not be seen during the day, the lines of political origin become apparent at night, but appear all the more absurd and artificial.
When viewed during daylight, the human influence on our planet is less obvious.
But this single image highlights the social divides and political strife from both the past and the present.
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2016年,美國宇航局利用Suomi NPP氣象衛星拍攝了一張夜間地球的高分辨率圖像,它可以幫助我們更好地了解當前的事態發展和正在發生的沖突。